Loving the Father; Going from the Outer Courts into the Throne Room, and Harvesting the Lost, Hurt & Broken with them Bowing Their Knee Declaring Jesus is Lord

Prophecy given by Kelly Copeland.

I’m coming soon—swiftly! Sweeping people into the Kingdom… This mountain is My mountain[1][2], saith the Lord. My name will be proclaimed. So, let go of your fears and concerns. Let go of your past. Take upon yourself My past, My sacrifice, My blood, My body, My freedom, My yoke[3]—Love the Lord your God without holding back any concern for yourself[4] (Matthew 22:37).

Learn of Me. I’ll teach you, school you in the ways to love Him [the Father] fully, and to come to Him [the Father] intimately (Matthew 11:29) I Am the door way to the Father (John 10:9). I will escort you into His Presence. With singing, in worship you’ll enter the throne room.  

You’ve only practiced this so far, but the gates of Heaven are opening wide. Heaven is not only bursting out towards you, you will be escorted By Me into the throne room in these days[5]. There you will receive many things needed to complete your assignment[6]. You’ll first know your place. You’ll know the Love of Your Father. You’ll know His grace for you, for mankind. You’ll be filled with all the knowledge and the weight of your glory[7].  I will be there to guide you and usher you in these things. 

Being Filled with His Love, and Receiving All We Ask For in the Throne Room

The protocol is always one of love. Love first. You’ll see evidence of how much We love you everywhere[8]. You cannot escape it. The Father will fill you with His love. Then there will be times that from that place, at the moment that I release you when you will be able to make your request known. We already know what you need (Matthew 6:8), but the process of your coming, your asking is a joy to Us. It’s like a celebration to be able to give you whatever you ask. You’ve thought it difficult to receive from the Father, but it is not[9]. Many times, you’ve asked amiss (James 4:3). But you were learning, developing in My ways.

Up until now you have remained in My outer courts[10][11]. All the while coming closer into My Presence as you draw near unto Me, says Jesus. As you know Me more intimately I will draw YOU into the Father’s Presence. I’ve been waiting for this time to come. At this point in the throne room you’ll be granted what you have asked. By the time you come to this place the sin that drives you to ask amiss has been pulled out and burned in My fire.  Old things are gone and what’s left is of Me.

Throne Room

All Needs Met in the Throne Room

You’ll leave My throne room with all that you need to do your assignment. You’ll know your place, your plans, and instructions. You’ll know you’re supplied for every detail.  My grace that allows you this entrance is all that you need. Put your confidence and hope in Me. Your times, your call is of Me, not of man. I’ve prepared you for this time and this hour. These things are here! You’ve believed for the mysteries, but you didn’t know what it would look like. It’s different than you thought. But it is being revealed, unveiled right before your eyes. Yes, eyes for you’ll see many things in the coming days that will be like heaven on earth…

Unity is of Me (Psalm 133). In fact, it is Me. Unity is the process and the product of My unveiling. The glass darkly is clearing (1 Corinthians 13:12, KJV). You’ll see Me in others, and you’ll see Me in yourself. You’ll see Me in prayer, in worship, in My Word. And even in the world around you.

After the Throne Room Experience; the Hurting, Blind, & Broken Come to the Father

Get ready! I’m coming! I’m coming first to My household. That’s why I said I’m knocking (Revelation 3:20). As I set in order those things in My house. I will have a house fit to bring My lost ones home (Luke 15). Fit to bring guests to (Matthew 22:1-14). A house to celebrate My love for you, for others, and a place to call home (Psalms 36:8). To rest My Spirit, My glory, and My love. My presence will dwell like an ever-flowing fountain (Psalm 36:9). In My Presence you are changed. Together we will harvest the hurting, the blind, the broken (Matthew 22:1-14). All who will come, and they will come, they will not be able to resist My love coming out of you. My love for the world will be seen, and they will come to My saving grace. The world, and the kingdoms of the world will bow their knee. Not because they have to in defeat, but in worship declaring Jesus is Lord

[1]Whatever is big in your life, your assignment is His mountain.

[2]Interesting that the Spirit called the "mountain" winning souls. 

[3]Interesting that He called His yoke: "Love the Lord your God without holding back any concern for yourself".

[4]This is a picture of a man in a boat as he leaves an island. In the boat he gets further and further away, and the island seems to get smaller and smaller until the island is no longer in focus. We are to lose our life in Christ (Mat 16:25) to the extent that we can no longer see our lives. We have fully forsaken it, and now we are immersed in Christ (Gal 2:20). 

[5]Heaven is opening up for us.

[6]Every one of us has an assignment, a task, a commission, of the Lord. Each assignment is different. The only way to receive your assignment is in His Presence. It is something specific.

[7]Interesting God said, "your glory". He has given you and me glory! 

[8]Remember we’re in the throne room.

[9]Paul spoke of this in Romans 10

[10]The outer courts speak directly of The Fear of the Lord; “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” (Pro 9:10). Notice it’s the BEGINNING of wisdom, not the end. Fear may work in the beginning of your relationship with God, but sooner or later you’ll get tired of fear. We’re supposed to come to the place we love Him with “all our heart, mind, soul, and strength”. When we come to this place there is “no fear in love (1 John 4:18)”.

[11]This is speaking of the Tabernacle of the Lord; outer courts, inner courts, and holy of holies. Plz see Bible.org.


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