Divination: Who He Is, How He Operates, and My Own Personal Experience

This week we’re starting a series on Divination, False Prophecy, False Teachers, False Prophets[1], along with the Python spirit. I have personally been around this spirit all my life. Now, I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about this spirit, but I think I know a little more than most. 

My Own Personal Experience with Divination with Manifestations of a Python, Lizards, Worms, and Cockroaches

Divination in it’s original form is simply witchcraft. The foundation of witchcraft is control (1 Samuel 15:23). When you have to be in control of everything you are under the influence of some type of witchcraft[2].

Now, as many of you know I’ve had thousands of demons cast out of me. I remember when Divination was finally dealt with. I was in my prayer closet (Matthew 6:6) doing a study, when suddenly the Spirit of God started ministering to me about Divination. As I yielded to Him, in the Spirit, I saw a lizard come up out of me. He was roughly 7 inches long, had scales on his back, and very sharp claws and teeth. Then more of those lizards came up out of me. Several! About a dozen[3].

Then Python came up. He was about 3 feet in length and about 1 ½ feet in diameter. It was like I puked him up! Then one more lizard like creature. After him, worms, hundreds! Finally, cockroaches!

All this happened within just a few minutes. 

Unveiling PythonThe Spirit of Divination

Before I give you my experience with Python, let’s read what Jennifer Eivaz has to say about this spirit: 

“Acts chapter sixteen the apostle Paul and his companions are on their way to prayer…What happens is there’s a slave girl…apparently she’s a fortune teller… In most of your versions it says she has a spirit of divination. Meaning she can tell you your future… If you look at that word in the Greek…its actually called a python spirit… it was considered the guardian spirit to the oracle of Delphi. And so here we’re dealing with a python spirit which its function was as an oracle…in the realm of divination. Telling you your future. And this spirit, in this girl, met Paul on the way to prayer. It’s interesting as she began to make a truth statement… Sometimes we think these spirits are going to lie to you, and that it’s obvious, you know, that they’re of the devil. And it’s not. That’s the nature of deception it deceives you. And so, it tells them “a truth”. And so, she begins to shout that these are servants of the Most High God… the apostle Paul got irritated, got annoyed, because he knew she was telling the truth, that it was a demon behind it. So, what did he do? He cast it out[4].

My Experience with Pyhon

In my personal life, Python was controlled by the spirit of Divination. My personal deliverance came in threefold; when I publicly repented of my sins and asked Jesus into my life, when the apostle cast out thousands of demons out of me, and finally closing the door on each sprit. When this spirit finally came out, it had a greater manifestation than most spirits. I saw, in the spirit, as these demons of divination came up out of me.

Interesting that this spirit drew me into prayer[5]. I would spend up to 20 hours a day praying and reading the Word. And though the Word tells us, “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17); spending all that time in the Word produced little to no results. Why, because Divination teams up with spirits of Insecurity (Doubt, Unbelief, among others). It caused me to constantly look to myself and not to Jesus, which is the source of our faith (Hebrews 12:2).

Next week we’ll dive more into the Python spirit. How he attacks and gains entrance into one’s life. 

[1]These are capitalized because they are spirits. Other spirits associated with Divination are False Gifts (In 1 Cor 12:8-10 we read of the 9 gifts of the Spirit. False Gifts is the counterfeit for the Holy Spirit’s gifts.): False Wisdom, False Knowledge, False Faith, False Healing, False Miracles, False Prophecy, False Discernment, False Tongues, and False Interpretation of Tongues.

[2]Witchcraft, Control, usually finds entrance into a person’s life through some type of powerlessness. For instance, if a person is sexually abused as a child, if that is not dealt with immediately, it can open a door of witchcraft. The person will come up with ideas on how to control others. I know someone who was raped. Years later she wouldn’t wear make-up, and only wear baggy clothes to hide her figure. What she was actually doing was trying to control the way others look at her.

[3]12 is the number for spiritual government.

[4]Derived from https://www.facebook.com/jennifereivaz/videos/1104103533065903/

[5]Remember what Jennifer Eivaz said above, this spirit deals with “a truth”. That’s how he deceives. It’s not a bold face lie. 

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