There Are Different Covenants in the Bible: Abel Kept the Covenant of Tithe; NoahFavor & Grace; Shem—Covenant of the Priesthood

Covenant of Abel

[A]Abel kept the covenant of tithe. Genesis 4:4 reads; And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the LORD had respect unto Abel and to his offering. The word firstlings here is the Hebrew word bĕkowrah meaning “firstborn”. Brother Kenneth Copeland believes this must do with the tithe (Because tithe is the first 10% of our income.) If this is true than the first murder was committed over tithe. However, the word firstlings and offering may suggest this is more closely related to the firstfruit (Deuteronomy 18:4).

Covenant of Noah

The covenant of Noah is 1) never destroy the earth with a major flood again, and 2) to remove the curse during that time. (See Genesis 9). It’s interesting to note that God made a covenant with Noah because of his sacrifice (Genesis 8:20-22). Therefore, Noah kept the Covenant of Favor and Grace (Genesis 6:8).

Question, if Noah would have never made that sacrifice would that same curse be in effect today?

Most of us understand God destroyed the earth with a flood because of man’s wickedness. However, most don’t understand the magnitude of the curse during that time. Genesis 8:22 reads, "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease". 

Different covenants in the bible

Obviously, because God made this statement we see that the curse affected all four seasons with cold and heat being mixed. That’s what’s going on in the world now. (We call it Global Warming.)

I live in Kokomo Indiana. While growing up it was known as a safe haven with very few natural disasters. One earthquake, that I recall, and zero tornados. In 2016, we had eight tornados touch down in one day! And the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011 was so great it shifted our planet’s axis!

Now, imagine a curse so great it affects all four seasons, day and night, and seedtime and harvest!

And that curse was removed because one man found favor in the eyes of God!  

Now imagine the magnitude of the blessing the Father bestowed upon us, when He gave up His Son, and the Son gave up His life!

No wonder the Word states Jesus “obtained a more excellent ministry… of a better covenant… established upon better promises” (Hebrews 8:6).

Covenant of Shem

His son, Shem, kept the covenant of the priesthood. Jewish tradition holds that Shem was Melchizedek. To understand his priesthood read Hebrews 7. For additional info see the following articles Who’s Melchizedek & Shem

Our Covenant

I personally believe God has a unique covenant for all His people. An eternal covenant that lasts throughout all generations, but very few discover and walk in it.

(Most call it destiny.)

The vision we were created for, the unique purpose, when we step into it we discover our covenant with God!