Angels on Assignment in the Old Testament, in Jesus' Ministry, & in Your Life

Angels are not fairy tales, nor are they cute, little, naked babies with harps. Angels are on assignment doing the Father’s will in the earth. The writer of Hebrews made this clear; “All of them are spirits on a divine mission, sent to serve those who are about to inherit salvation, aren't they” (1:14 ISV)?

Each born again person has at least one ministering to them[1]. Their mission is clear—to bring heaven down to earth (Matthew 6:10). These heavenly creatures have always been a part of God’s people, and they’ve always had access to earth. Before the fall the Garden must had been filled with them! 

Angels on Assignment in Jesus' Ministry Feeding the Multitude & Healing the Sick as well as in the Old Testament

Some have wings, while others do not. Some are mighty standing several feet tall[2], while others are the height of you and me. (Please see Types of Angels.) Even Jesus had angels on assignment in His ministry. When He was in the Garden wrestling for the Father’s will, an one appeared to Him strengthening Him. But this wasn’t the only time they were on a mission in His ministry.

For Jesus to have fed the multitude (Matthew 14:13-21) and heal the sick (Matthew 4:23-25) this would have taken angels on assignment. He would had first had to receive from these spiritual beings operating in the power gifts[3] before He would had moved in these gifts. Then they would have cooperated together for one single purpose—to accomplish the Father’s will.

We also see angels on assignment in the Old Testament as well. In 2 Kings the king of Assyria purposed in his heart to overthrow and destroy Israel. But in one night the Divine Messenger of the Lord killed 185,000 men while they all slept (2 Kings 18-19)!

In Judges 6 Israel sinned and ended up in the hands of their enemies. This same celestial being appeared to Gideon and gave him a both a prophetic (1 Corinthians 12:10) and a word of knowledge (1 Corinthians 12:8); “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior”[4] (v 12).

This one word became the foundation for Gideon to raise up an army and overthrow the Midianites. 

Angels on Assignment

Angels on Assignment in Your Life

[5]Each one of us has at least one of these heavenly creatures ministering, or desiring to minister, to us right now! A big part of what they do, or what they’re allowed to do, is up to us. They’re dependent upon our cooperation to the Father’s will. The messenger that appeared to Jesus and strengthen Him in the Garden (Luke 22:43), was not released unto Jesus first submitted His will to the Father (Luke 22:42).

A blessing comes when you and I can say “not my will, but thine, be done”. This is foundational for activating these ministering agents in our life. Once our will is pliable in His hands our next step is to find out what His will is. Poverty is never His will. Sickness isn’t either. How do I know? Because Jesus said, “Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

You really think sickness or poverty is in heaven? Once we know and understand His will we then stand on Psalm 103:20: “Bless the LORD, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word”.

The word hearkening here is a picture of a soldier standing at attention eagerly waiting to carry out his next orders. You and I are the ones who release these angelic beings and give them instruction. How do we do this? By speaking His Word in faith (Matthew 17:20).

Prayer for Releasing Angels on Assignment

Father, right now we each surrender our will to Yours. We do this knowing Your will is by far greater than anything we can ever imagine for ourselves. We surrender our finances to You, our health and body to You; every area to You Sir. We receive of Your great abundance now, in Jesus’ name. 

[1]You will have several ministering to you throughout your lifetime. These agents are sent according to destiny, gifting, and anointing. Father Abraham had probably billions, while the average Christian probably only has dozens

[2]Gen 6:2 (Note: they were allowed to marry humans.); Num 13:33

[3]The power gifts are defined as the gift of faith (1 Cor 12:9), the gifts of healing (1 Cor 12:9), and the working of miracles (1 Cor 12:13).

[4] Gideon didn’t flow in the gifts of the Spirit until the angel appeared to him. This shows three gifts in operation; the gift of discerning of spirits, prophecy, and the word of knowledge. Therefore, it was the heavenly being that activated the gifts of the Spirit in Gideon’s life. 

[5]The above photo is Jennifer Eivaz ministering at her church teaching on angels. You can see she's engulfed in an angel who's standing at attention. This is what happens when we put angelic forces to use. 

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